Planning and Building?

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Whether you are a property developer, housing association or travel planner, Enterprise Car Club is the first choice for any organisation looking to implement a car club.

How Enterprise Car Club can Support Your Project

Our dedicated property development account managers have experience in planning and implementing car clubs for a variety of developments ranging in size and location.


Planning Permission

The inclusion of Enterprise Car Club could increase the likelihood of gaining the most optimal planning permission for your project.

Section 106 Requirements

It will address specific concerns of local authorities relating to parking pressure and will fulfill the requirements outlined in Section 106 agreements (Section 75 in Scotland).

Attract Buyers & Tenants

Adding a car club gives you the ability to advertise properties as 'comes with access to a car!’.

Maximise On-Site Space

Cut build costs and reduce construction time by reducing the parking requirements within your project.

Reduce Congestion

Contribute towards reducing congestion and encourage a sustainable and economical alternative to car ownership.

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What Enterprise Car Club
Provides You

The Benefits

A personal account manager dedicated to your project on all things Car Club.

Our Experience

We have a strong track record of implementing projects with some of the country's leading property developers, housing associations and travel planners.

We're Growing

We currently manage and maintain a growing fleet of vehicles located in 19 UK cities including Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester and Sheffield.

Vehicle Range

We have a range of vehicles to suit all needs from small city cars to, 7 seaters, vans and even electric vehicles.


“We have been able to reduce the amount of parking we provide, saving us money, saving our residents money, reducing carbon emissions and freeing up public space."

Pooran Desai, Co-founder, Bioregional UK/Bed Zed Pavilion


"The first time we worked with Enterprise Car Club we knew we had found the right partner for our project. What they provided was an ideal fit with our vision for travel planning”

Bevan Jones, Sustainability Manager, Catalyst Housing